The influencers spread information, pictures and stories or they express different opinions about products or services via various social media channels, such as blogs and social networks. They are often considered experts in their field and their opinions have a powerful impact on people, especially on young generation. They can influence what become a trend and a “must have” fashion as followers tend to copy their style, so the influencers have the ability to affect purchasing decision. The aim of this paper is to present the results of individual interviews among young people that focused on opinions and attitudes towards social media and influencers. The study revealed that the most popular social media platforms are Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. The main reasons for visiting social networks are communication, entertainment, inspiration and leisure. Most young people follow influencers but accept critically their opinions and recommendations. Some of them bought the product as recommended by the influencers and were satisfied with the purchase.

VOKOUNOVÁ, Dana. Young People and Influencers. In Central and Eastern Europe in the Changing Business Environment. International Joint Conference. Central and Eastern Europe in the Changing Business Environment : Proceedings from 20th International Joint Conference, October 26 – 27, 2020, Prague, Czech Republic and Bratislava, Slovakia. – Praha : Oeconomica Publishing House, University of Economics, Prague, 2020. ISBN 978-80-245-2395-8. ISSN 2453-6113, pp. 303-311 online