The expansion of the use of social networks has led to changes in the communication of brands and companies with consumers. With the growth of social networks, Influencer marketing has gained in popularity in recent years. The main goal of the paper is to identify current trends in Influencer Marketing. To achieve the main goal, primary research was carried out using the method of in-depth individual interview. The interview was conducted with a marketing specialist who focuses on marketing activities in the field of Influencer Marketing. Based on the research results, the most significant current trends in Influencer marketing were identified.

STANKOVÁ, Monika. Súčasné trendy v Influencer marketingu. In Nové technológie a postupy vo vzdelávaní, podnikaní a obchode 2020 : zborník vedeckých statí. – Bratislava : Vydavateľstvo EKONÓM, 2020. ISBN 978-80-225-4726-0, s. 90-96 online

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